Cloud4Partners™ Customer Benefits

October 12, 2021

Cloud4Partners™ enables SAP Business One partners to differentiate their service to offer SAP Business One in the Cloud, without requiring precious in-house technical resource and experience. As an SAP Business One partner ourselves, we know that other partners are experts in what they do and the service they offer to their customers. Technology is constantly evolving however, and sometimes, technological change can outpace a company’s ability to keep up, whether that’s in terms of manpower or technical knowledge. This is where Cloud4Partners™ comes in, giving you a quick and easy way to offer SAP Business One in the Cloud to your customers.

Speed of deployment

Our service is simple and accessible, with no master agreements, which can extend and complicate the process of working with other partners. Cloud4Partners™ can put your customers in the Cloud in just a few hours for Multi-tenant environments, or within a week for Dedicated environments.

Low-cost entry

The Cloud4Partners™ service is accessible with no up-front costs, and a simple pricing structure based on a ‘per-user, per-month’ model. We operate on a ‘bring-your-own-licence’ (BYOL) model, so partners handle SAP transactions with their customers, while we simply supply the Cloud-hosting service.

Simple model

The Cloud4Partners™ service is a simple model with a transparent pricing structure. Customers only pay for what they use – but it is quick and easy to scale-up or scale-down requirements should the partner need to add, or remove, users. We do not charge for server capacity that isn’t required, and offer different sizing models based on customer requirements, but if those requirements increase, it is quick and simple to increase capacity.

Your own brand backed by proven, world-leading cloud technology

Cloud4Partners™ offers customers the ability to ‘white label’ our service so it look like their own product-offering to their customers. We also have no set RRP so customers can set their own monthly retail prices according to the margins they wish to achieve. This choice is entirely down to the customer – we have customers who offer Cloud hosting through Cloud4Partners™ as a value-added service, while other customers can achieve quite significant margins on the service.

Continual commitment to innovation

Ascarii & Cloud4Partners™ are constantly looking for ways to innovate and optimise their use of technological enhancements. We have a commitment to continual learning and development to make sure our team stays at the forefront of technological developments, meaning that our customers can take advantage of our expertise and experience.

Access to Ascarii’s unique SAP Business One Cloud expertise

Any customer of Cloud4Partners™ has access to Ascarii’s SAP Business One Cloud expertise. As an SAP Gold Partner ourselves, having mainly focused on supplying SAP Business One in the Cloud, other partners can be assured that they’re accessing tried and tested technology – the very same technology we use with our own customers. With expert knowledge of SAP Business One, we are in a unique position of being able to provide advice and guidance, should customers require it, along with our extensive Cloud expertise. 

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