BPA-Ready Hosting

Extend your product offering to your customers by using Cloud4Partners™ BPA-Ready hosting service. Foster long-term, productive and mutually beneficial customer relationships by providing a solution that helps them increase efficiency, productivity and reduce overheads.

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Business Process Automation

BPA Platform, from Codeless Platforms, is an advanced business process automation solution that helps companies reduce operational and resource costs by eradicating data entry errors and freeing up employee resources to concentrate on more valuable tasks. It improves decision making due to an increase in the visibility of real-time data and increases productivity.

Business process automation (BPA) helps organisations of all sizes to improve operational efficiency by automating repetitive, previously manual, data processing tasks. It removes time-consuming data entry activities from employee workloads to help organisations reduce operational costs, improve productivity, eradicate data entry errors and drive company revenue.

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Why use BPA?

In today’s fast-moving business environment, organisations need to reduce the number of data silos for them to become more cost-effective and efficient. BPA Platform provides organisations with a competitive advantage by ensuring that each employee and department has access to real-time information, without having to perform manual data entry or reporting tasks between multiple databases.

Management teams can use business intelligence data served in real-time to improve decision making, strategic planning and forecasting. Bringing disparate information together allows businesses to become more efficient and cost-effective to help them reach their overall business objectives.

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BPA-Ready Hosting and Services

With our BPA-Ready Hosting, partners can specify server sizes according to their customer needs. Our BPA Platform Gold Partner status means that we have the technical expertise to advise you, and your customer, how to get the best out of this highly intuitive, flexible platform to achieve their business objectives. We are also able to carry out ad-hoc BPA project work, if requested, at a preferential rate if you don’t have in-house expertise.

Using Cloud4Partners™ for BPA hosting gives you an additional product offering. As a solution that helps companies increase efficiency, productivity and reduce overheads, the ability to offer this as a service helps to foster long-term, productive and mutually beneficial relationships with your customers. If you don’t have the in-house expertise, this is where Cloud4Partners™ can support you.

Benefits of using Cloud4Partners
for BPA-Ready Hosting


Rapid return on investment

BPA Platform is a cost-effective solution that helps organisations automate processes, which has a significant impact on operational costs and rapidly recoups the investment in the solution.

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Our cloud platform has been built with the highest level of security, including multi-factor authentication and world-leading antivirus software, so your customers can be sure that their critical business systems are secure.

Improvement in customer relationships

Improvement in customer relationships

Being able to offer a solution that has a significant impact on your customers’ efficiency, productivity and therefore profit margins helps to support long-term, positive customer relationships.



Our solutions are architected to provide your customers with the resources they need, but with capacity to scale up as their business grows.



AWS has the broadest set of compliance offerings, helping customers satisfy compliance requirements for virtually every regulatory agency around the globe - using a world-class cloud hosting provider means that your customers can be assured that their systems are always compliant with global regulations.


Technical expertise

As a BPA Platform Gold Partner, we have extensive experience in developing BPA solutions on behalf of our customers. Cloud4Partners customers can benefit from this expertise at a preferential rate, if required.


Predictable and flexible billing

Subscription licensing means that we can be flexible with billing and can invoice monthly, quarterly or annually, dependent on customer requirements.

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