Grow your own Purpose-Built Multi-Tenant Environment

Multi-Tenant Professional (MTPro) enables SAP Business One resellers to grow their own purpose-built multi-tenant environment, giving greater flexibility and potential financial benefits compared to Multi-Tenant Standard.

MTPro deployments offer you, as an SAP partner, the flexibility to choose the timing of your customer upgrades. You can choose when your SAP Business One Service Unit is upgraded, and to which version and patch level. It also gives you Reseller access to the SAP Cloud Control Center, which enables you to manage users, licences and compatible add-ons. You also have the option, if you have developed your own add-ons, to deploy these via the Cloud Control Center in an MTPro environment.

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Using Cloud4Partners™ cloud hosting platform enables you, as an SAP partner, to differentiate your service offering. It gives you the ability to offer cloud hosting to your customers without needing in-house expertise or your own cloud platform, and you can rely on the technical expertise of our team, who have specialised in deploying cloud-based solutions for many years.

We have invested many years into designing hosting solutions that are accessible and quick to deploy, so that you can rapidly put your customers in the cloud. Our design team is there to remove the jargon and make the complex, simple to understand.

Our continual commitment to innovation means that your customers can take advantage of the latest technology to support their business, while your brand is supported by world-leading cloud technology.

Benefits of Multi-Tenant Pro

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Flexible billing

Billing can be on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis according to customer requirements.



MTPro deployment enables your customers’ cloud solution to be tailored to a wider range of needs, with access to compatible add-ons if required.

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We chose AWS for our cloud platform due to its enterprise-grade security. The security of customer data is of the highest importance to us, and the reason we also use multi-factor authentication and world-class antivirus software.


Flexible upgrade schedule

SAP partners can define their own upgrade schedule, versions and timelines.



Every company needs a stable cloud platform on which to run their essential business systems, and with 99.99% EC2 SLA commitment from AWS, customers can be confident in the maximum reliability and availability of their ERP solutions.


Ease of roll-out

MTPro hosted service units can usually be deployed within one working week.


Technical expertise

With a team of certified experts, we know SAP and can advise on best practices for your customer implementations, if required.



Our platform has been built to be scalable and can easily scale up to cater for customer’s growing businesses, meaning that they only pay for resources they need.

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The team at Cloud4Partners™ is fantastic to work with and brings true professionalism to every project TRC Solutions has cooperated with them on. Cloud4Partners™ is instrumental in the rapid deployment of an SAP certified cloud hosted environment, which has helped our customers succeed with their ERP deployments.

Patrick Hesnan

Group COO, TRC Solutions (Ireland)

At Acuity, we have partnered with Ascarii to help our SAP Business One client's move to the cloud. Their offering, Cloud4Partners on Amazon Web Services, has proven to be a great solution. Ascarii is uniquely experienced in both Business One and AWS. They are easy to work with, and a great resource to Acuity and our SAP clients. We expect to do more SAP Business One AWS deployments with Ascarii in the coming years.

Joe Timmins

President, Acuity Consulting Group (USA)

Thank you to Cloud4Partners for providing affordable and reliable cloud hosting solutions for our customers. We trust in the reliability of AWS Cloud, which has allowed us to offer the best value to our customers. Their professionalism, technical expertise and commitment to our success has been invaluable.

Simon Soh

Manager, Afon (Singapore)

Our Strategic Partners

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Steve Clements - Senior Solutions Advisor


I work with SAP partners around the world to help them offer cloud solutions to their SAP customers.  Please contact me if you have any questions and I'll be happy to help you.


Adam Walker - Solutions Advisor


I work with SAP partners to understand their challenges, and help to deliver a competitive advantage and improve cash flow for each partner.  By utilising our SAP hosting solutions, we can help you build your recurring revenues.  Please contact me to find out more.

Stuart W

Stuart Wilson - CEO


My passions are technology and innovation, and helping companies to maximise their use of these to achieve their goals.  I set up Cloud4Partners to help make cloud technology more accessible to  SAP partners around the world, supported by a highly qualified team with both SAP and AWS accreditations.  Please let me know if you would like to find out how we can help you.