Acuity Consulting Group Case Study

January 05, 2024


Acuity Consulting Group was founded in 2004 becoming an SAP Business One consulting partner soon after, and is based in Rhode Island, USA. The company was founded on the belief that local businesses can form better relationships based on deeper trust with their customers, and believes in the balance of technology, consulting, and training against customers’ budgets to help them achieve their goals.


As an SAP Business One consultancy serving small to medium sized businesses, Acuity Consulting Group was often asked for a cloud-hosted SAP Business One solution as it was not cost-effective for their customers to invest in expensive on-premise servers. They found that customers often lacked in-house technical and cloud expertise, which meant they didn’t have the resources to adopt cloud technology themselves. Having not worked with a cloud supplier before, Acuity Consulting Group needed to find a partner that could help them offer cloud technology to their customers.


Acuity Consulting Group was referred to Cloud4Partners by another North American SAP Business One partner who had been working with Cloud4Partners for several years. They were looking for a partner who also had experience with SAP Business One, as well as AWS cloud hosting, as this meant they could draw on Cloud4Partners’ expertise when they needed support with their own customer projects. According to Laura Nesteriak, Manager, “we were looking for a partner who also understands SAP Business One – that is invaluable to us as if we have a technical or systems issue with any of our SAP installations, Cloud4Partners has the resources to help us.”

The team at Acuity Consulting Group were also keen to have their cloud environment based in AWS. According to Laura, “AWS is a known and proven entity – the market demands AWS technology, and we can trust that it’s not going to go away.” Lori Arsego, Consultant, added, “security was also a top priority for us and AWS provides that.”


Acuity Consulting Group has been working with Cloud4Partners for a couple of years and really appreciates C4P’s combined expertise in both SAP Business One and AWS. It keeps them competitive as they are confident in being able to offer a cloud-hosted ERP solution using Cloud4Partners’ AWS cloud platform. They have also found customer support to be excellent with quick resolution to any problem. According to Laura, “the time zone difference doesn’t matter, and Cloud4Partners’ team goes the extra mile when we have a question or a problem. We’ve found support to be excellent.”

The main benefit to Acuity Consulting Group is Cloud4Partners’ platform being based on AWS. As the world’s leading cloud platform, it adds value to their sales proposition, being able to offer SAP Business One Cloud to customers who might not have in-house technical resources. According to Laura, “we wouldn’t consider using a platform based on anything but AWS because they’re no.1 in our minds.”

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