Benefits of Cloud Deployment

February 15, 2022

Cloud deployment for essential business software systems is increasing in popularity year on year. As we have seen over the past two years, the ability to access systems remotely was essential for business continuity. Those companies that had already embraced cloud technology were the ones who experienced the least disruption to their operations during the pandemic. Now that we are moving on from this period, the real risk of an increased level of hacking and ransomware means that it is critical for companies to invest in their cyber-security and cloud deployment facilitates this.

Cloud4Partners™ specialises in providing cloud technology to SAP partners so that their customers can access SAP solutions in the cloud. This allows your customers to access their most critical business functions from any device with a web connection and ensures business continuity during turbulent times.

There are plenty of benefits of cloud deployment for businesses and end users, which include:

  • Access to the latest functionality without having to rely on in-house IT resources
  • Reduction in IT overheads
  • Subscription licensing model avoids capital expenditure and allows flexibility in operating costs
  • Secure access from anywhere with world-class security, reliability, and uptime
  • Scalable solution that can expand according to customer requirements

Cloud4Partners service enables SAP partners to easily offer cloud technology to their customers so that they can reap the many benefits of cloud deployment, but there are also numerous benefits to SAP partners.

As a subscription model, we offer flexible payment terms and can bill monthly, quarterly, or annually according to customer preference. With no upfront costs and the initial build of your customer’s cloud instance free of charge, it is not only quick and easy, but cost-effective, to enable your customers to access their SAP solutions in the cloud.

You can set your own rates to sell our service to your customers, allowing you to develop an additional subscription revenue stream and we are happy for you to ‘white label’ our solution, which enables you to differentiate your service to your customers. This is quite different to how other cloud-hosting companies work, and we see this flexibility as one of the key benefits. We only publish our pricing to our partners, and we don’t set an RRP, so you can either offer this as a value-added service to complement your own or use it to create additional revenue.

Our highly qualified technical team combines certified AWS experts with our SAP Gold Partner status, meaning that we can not only support customers in their journey to the cloud, but also provide SAP expertise should they not have the capacity or experience in particular areas. We can hold your hand and support you through the process, and act as an extension of your team if you need us to provide SAP-related expertise. We consider this one of our unique selling points – combining our high level of expertise with both AWS and SAP technology means that our customers can benefit from our experience, and we can support you to make the most of these opportunities.

To find out more about how Cloud4Partners™ can help you offer cloud technology to your SAP customers, please contact us.

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