Benefits of Working with an SAP Gold Partner for SAP Business One Cloud Hosting

January 29, 2024

Cloud4Partners, as a division of Ascarii, has been an SAP Gold Partner for over ten years. Having concentrated on the deployment of SAP Business One in the cloud since our inception, our highly skilled and certified team has extensive experience with SAP Business One, cloud technology and creating solutions that meet customer needs based on our purpose-built AWS cloud platform.

Enhanced Expertise and Knowledge

Being an SAP Gold Partner endorses our technical expertise with SAP Business One and its complementary add-ons. This means that we ‘talk the same language’ as our partners and we understand what is involved in an SAP Business One implementation for them and can support them on this journey. We see this as added value to our partners, as they can use Cloud4Partners as an extension to their team, if required, to provide expertise if the partner needs additional resources or skills in a particular area. This is particularly helpful if an issue arises. Our knowledge of the SAP Business One solution is advanced, and we are there to help you solve any issue as it arises. Which is very different to a business that provide a hosting solution only.

Purpose-Built AWS Cloud Platform

Our AWS cloud platform was purpose-built for the requirements of SAP Business One by a technical team that has in-depth knowledge of both SAP Business One and AWS cloud technology. With over ten years of experience in cloud-hosting SAP Business One, we know what we’re talking about. We were the first company globally to offer cloud-hosted SAP Business One, and this experience means that we know how to deploy SAP Business One in the cloud.

Quality Assurance and Reliability

Working with an SAP Gold Partner gives partners an extra level of reassurance that we are not just a hosting provider. Knowing what is involved in all aspects of SAP Business One implementation, as well as implementing SAP Business One on our cloud platform, means that we have defined processes for understanding customer requirements and translating those requirements into a successfully cloud-hosted SAP Business One implementation.

Collaboration and Mutual Trust

We believe in a collaborative approach to successful partnerships, based on mutual trust. As an SAP Gold Partner in the UK and Ireland, we realise that some partners may view us as competitive, but this is not the case. We want long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, both in our home territory and globally, so we firmly believe in not getting involved with our partners’ customers unless specifically requested to do so. Sometimes our partners may require additional support with some of their customer requirements, particularly around integrations, which often don’t go as smoothly as planned – in situations such as this, we are always available to help and support our partners, but only if we are asked to help. In any instance where end customers want to speak directly to us for additional reassurance about their project, we will always be happy to join calls with our partners to speak to them directly, if needed.


We strongly believe that being an SAP Gold Partner adds value to our relationships with our partners. Our deep understanding of SAP Business One, as well as cloud hosting, means that our skills and expertise are available for our customers to utilise, while our platform being built on AWS adds credibility to our service. The combination of being an SAP Gold Partner as well as an AWS Advanced Partner means that we have the accredited expertise to offer the most performant cloud platform for SAP Business One. To find out more about Cloud4Partners’ service and how we can help other SAP partner offer SAP Business One in the cloud to their customers, please contact us now.


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