Common Cloud Myths

July 11, 2022

The market for cloud has grown exponentially over the past ten years, and this growth shows no sign of slowing. The uptake of cloud for essential business systems has increased dramatically since the beginning of the Covid pandemic with the need to ensure business continuity during uncertain times. As a cloud-hosting provider, and the first company in the world to offer cloud-based SAP Business One, we have witnessed the increase in demand for cloud first-hand.

Cloud4Partners™ was set up to provide our cloud platform to other SAP Partners who want to enable their SAP Business One customers to access their solutions in the cloud. Having been at the forefront of innovation in the evolution of cloud technology, we are able to provide this expertise to customers who may not have the in-house technical skills and experience. Because of our experience, we have picked up on many concerns about cloud over the years and uncertainties over particular aspects still prevail. With this in mind, we aim to dispel these ‘myths’.

Myth 1 – New technology?

It is still widely perceived that cloud is ‘new technology’ despite the exponential growth of the market, however world-leading technology vendors have been investing eye-watering sums of money into the refinement of their cloud offerings for nearly 20 years. Future investments will be the further refinement and advancement of an already optimised service, meaning that customers can rest assured that this ‘new’ technology is a highly advanced platform that will amplify their business potential.

Myth 2 – Cloud security

With the threat of cyber attack increasing dramatically, IT security is a big concern for any company. The costs of a cyber attack are huge and crippling, with the disruption in manufacturing processes, inability to access essential systems and loss of customer data. It is imperative to put measures in place to prevent this, but business leaders can be concerned that securing data off-site makes it more vulnerable.

The amount of investment cloud-hosting providers put into the security of their platform will be far superior to any in-house equivalent as a security breach is their biggest threat. Experts in their field are employed to stay at the forefront of technology to keep steps ahead of hackers, and vast sums are invested into the latest security solutions. AWS, for example, holds a tier-4 security level, which is the highest level available and means that much of the world’s most sensitive data is held within AWS datacenters.

Myth 3 – Lack of control?

Method of access and where your customers’ data is stored and processed are the only differences with cloud-based solutions – they will not experience any loss of control and the look and feel of their ERP solution is still the same. Cloud4Partners™, as the cloud-hosting provider, will take care of everyday tasks, such as maintaining infrastructure, increasing resources, monitoring applications, and ensuring consistently high levels of security.

Myth 4 – Cloud is expensive

One of the main advantages of cloud is that its subscription licensing model turns a lot of the IT overheads into an operational expense, rather than a capital expense. This makes things easier from a budgeting point of view and removes the substantial financial outlay of on-premise servers and their associated costs. Cloud services are delivered on a usage-based model, enabling businesses to scale up (or down) resources as required, and means that customers only pay for what they use. Improved performance and availability are also worth considering, as well as not tying up resources on in-house infrastructure, which can result in significant savings and business benefits.

Myth 5 – Does cloud cost jobs?

Businesses over a certain size will always require in-house IT staff, but cloud is driving the evolution of these departments, meaning that staff can focus on developing processes and applications that contribute to the strategic growth of the business rather than maintaining technical infrastructure.


Cloud4Partners™ has always seen cloud as the future of essential business systems since the beginning of the company and was set up to offer cloud technology as a service to other SAP partners. Our extensive experience in this area puts us at the forefront of SAP Business One in the cloud and we were the first company in the world to offer cloud-based SAP Business One. This dedication to innovation and technology means that SAP partners worldwide rely on us to help them offer cloud technology to their customers. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.


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