How Cloud Hosting Provides Scalability

August 31, 2022

Scalability, in cloud hosting terms, means a system’s capacity to expand without losing performance. It is a direct benefit of using cloud for essential business systems, meaning that users only pay for the cloud resources they consume. Scalability is one of the three pillars of Cloud4Partners™ service and gives customers the flexibility to grow their business. What is so special about scalable cloud hosting solutions and how can they help you?

Predictable Monthly Outlay

Scalable cloud hosting offers customers a traditional pay-per-use model, which means that excessive costs and unnecessary consumption of resources are removed. Infrastructure risks are also reduced by removing the costly overheads of on-premise hardware, and in turn the necessary costs of people or out-sourced suppliers to support this. This is particularly beneficial for start-ups and small businesses, providing flexibility by optimising resources and minimising costs. Your cloud-hosting requirement becomes an operating cost, rather than a capital expense, with a predictable monthly outlay that can increase as your requirements increase, supporting your business as it grows.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Infrastructure costs can be one of the largest overheads for large companies, so reducing these can have a big impact on the bottom line. With vast data storage requirements, scalability is essential to large enterprise. Cloud provides access to the latest technology with compute power that can scale to meet their demands without loss of performance.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Scalability of compute resources is a necessity in supporting a business’s ability to compete effectively. Your company needs to be able to cope with growth and capitalise on opportunities and changing circumstances, which won’t be possible if your IT resources are holding you back. On-premise hardware quickly becomes out-dated, and it takes time to increase resources when you need them. Additionally, the substantial initial outlay for servers and infrastructure, as well as in-house technical support or out-sourced services, are uneconomical when compared with cloud hosting. Virtual cloud-based systems are scalable to cope with your company’s growing storage needs, allowing you to focus on what your business does best and gain competitive advantage.

Latest Technologies

Before cloud technology was available, the management of IT infrastructure was concerned with the physical control of hardware. Now, however, IT staff can have a much greater strategic impact to meet the growing demands of the business. Cloud provides access to the latest technologies while scaling to meet the demand placed on it so that businesses always have the resources they need to support them.

Cloud4Partners™ considers scalability an essential component of our service offering, which is why we class it as one of our three pillars, alongside security and stability. Our goal is to provide an extremely stable and secure cloud-hosting platform for SAP Business One, which is supported by world-class antivirus software and multi-factor authentication, that is eminently scalable to meet the demands placed on it. These reasons are why we chose AWS for our cloud platform; their commitment to providing the maximum stability, reliability and uptime meant that we were confident in being able to offer the very best SAP Business One Cloud platform to our partners.

To find out more about how Cloud4Partners™ can support SAP Partners in their journey to offer cloud technology to their SAP Business One customers, please contact our friendly team.

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