Simplifying the Transition to the Cloud for Your Customers

January 17, 2024

Cloud4Partners understands that sometimes companies can be daunted by the prospect of moving their essential business systems to the cloud. Lack of knowledge about cloud technology and lack of in-house technical expertise are normally big stumbling blocks, as well as customers not feeling a ‘compelling reason to change.’ But cloud is the way forward! More secure, stable, and scalable than on-premise hardware, it minimises risk and future-proofs businesses. So, your customer has also decided they want to move their ERP solution to the cloud – but what do they, and you, need to do? This is where Cloud4Partners can help.

Our Proven Migration Process

Cloud4Partners has over ten years’ experience in hosting SAP Business One and other software solutions on our purpose-built AWS cloud platform. Our highly qualified and experienced team will give your customers confidence in migrating to the cloud with our five-step process, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition. This enables customers to reap the benefits of enhanced security, stability, and scalability, amongst the many other benefits that cloud hosting offers.

Step One - Discovery

The first step in migrating your customers to Cloud4Partners’ cloud platform is a thorough audit of their requirements to create a comprehensive migration roadmap. We collaborate with your team to devise a customised migration plan, tailored to your customers’ specific requirements, formulating strategies to mitigate any risks.

Step Two - Infrastructure Design

Our team designs the optimal cloud infrastructure that aligns with your customer’s software applications' performance and scalability needs. We architect a robust and secure environment that ensures seamless integration and functionality of their migrated solutions.

Step Three - Data Migration

Our experts employ industry-leading techniques and tools to transfer your customer’s data from their on-premise systems to the cloud, ensuring data integrity, privacy, and minimal downtime during the transition.

Step Four - Replication and Testing

We replicate your customer’s software applications and data in our cloud environment, ensuring that it is installed correctly and functions effectively. This phase involves extensive performance, functional and compatibility testing, which partners and their customers must commit to, to guarantee a smooth transition.

Step Five - Cut-Over and Go-Live

Our team coordinates the final switchover from your customer’s on-premise infrastructure to Cloud4Partners’ cloud-hosted environment, aiming for a seamless transition with minimal downtime. We provide support during the go-live phase, ensuring any post-migration issues are addressed promptly.

Ongoing Support and Optimisation

An important point to emphasise, and that we want your customers to understand, is that they are not abandoned after their solutions are migrated to our cloud platform. Our team uses advanced AWS and 3rd party tooling to continuously monitor performance and optimise resources. We collaborate with SAP partners to provide ongoing support and optimisation services, which help your customers maximise the benefits of their cloud-hosted software solutions. To find out more about how we can simplify the transition of your customers’ ERP solutions to the cloud, please contact Cloud4Partners’ friendly and professional team.

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