Why Security Is Everything…

July 20, 2022

Security is everything when it comes to hosting essential business systems in the cloud. With the potential costs of a security breach racking up to millions, not to mention the damage to a company’s brand and reputation, some businesses that experience an attack may never recover.

Security is a hot topic among both users and vendors of cloud hosted solutions. When Cloud4Partners™ attended the SAP SMB Innovation Summits in Orlando and Dublin this spring, the theme of the events was ‘Follow the Path to Cloud ERP’. Security goes hand in hand with this, and during the events we were fortunate to attend several breakout sessions from our peers in the partner hosting community, all of which were keen to highlight just how crucial security is when it comes to hosting critical business systems. This applies whether they are cloud-hosted or not, but some misconceptions about cloud hosting do remain throughout businesses.

This could partly be exacerbated by the current geo-political situation with fears about the necessary steps required to counter an increasingly sophisticated and organised community of cyber terrorists. The US Government’s ‘Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’, CISA, states that evolving intelligence indicates potential of cyberattacks from Russia, and every organisation, whether large or small, must be prepared to respond to disruptive cyber incidents. This endorses the opinions that we have heard from discussions with our peers, that we are living in an increasingly dangerous and hostile environment when it comes to protecting critical infrastructure.

As a cloud hosting company, offering our cloud platform to other SAP partners who wish to offer cloud-based SAP Business One to their customers, security has always been one of our highest priorities. It is one of the three pillars of our service provision and is central to the development and evolution of our innovative cloud architecture.

We chose AWS for our platform as they are the global leader in cloud technology, investing vast sums into the latest security solutions with technical experts employed to keep at the forefront of technology. With the highest available, tier-4 security level, much of the world’s most sensitive data is stored securely within AWS datacentres, which we hope is reassuring to our customers and potential customers.

As well as the security & monitoring features that are innate within our cloud platform, we also offer multi-factor authentication and world-class antivirus as standard with our service. We have total commitment to the security of our platform and, as a team of techies, we are committed to keeping up to date with the latest technological developments.

If you would like to find out more about how we ensure the security of your customers’ solutions when hosted on Cloud4Partners™ platform, please contact us to request a copy of our security guide. Alternatively, we are always happy to join a call with your customers so that we can answer any questions first-hand. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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